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What do I need in order to coach in and/or operate an NCAA-certified event?



  • Van Johnson, Jr.

    Good Afternoon USA Basketball

    I am a operator with a Gold License. My full name is Van Johnson, Jr. I don't have a middle name.

    I am attempting to access the approval coaches list to confirm coaches have a license to coach in the event I am operating Southeast Challenge Session this weekend.

    But I called Verified Volunteers and they said I wasn't able to gain full access to the approval list because they said the USA Basketball said I didn't include my middle name in my profile.  If that's the issue, I don't have a middle name. 

    How do I correct this issue?  I really need to have access to the listing.

    I appreciate any assistant you can provide.

    Thank you


    Van Johnson, Jr.

  • Eldred White Jr

    Trying to be gold Liscence certified


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